The Journey to Karbala: The Manaazil of Salvation (Part 3)

We weep, while recalling each manzil (stop in his journey).In which he planned for the salvation of the munzal (the fallen).For he is the meaning of al-Kitab al-Munzal (the Quran, the Revelation).The eyes of those who recall his journey and relive these steps are at peace.The remembrance of Imam Husain AS is the best of provisions […]

The Journey to Karbala: Preserving Makka’s Sanctity (Part 2)

Having vowed to defend Islam and Nabi Mohammed’s SA shariat from the contempt and mockery of Yazeed, Maulana al-Imam al-Husain AS left his home in Madina rejecting any type of allegiance to the newly appointed sinister caliph. Imam Husain AS arrived in Makka al-Mukarrama at the beginning of Shaʿban 60/680 and was welcomed by the holy city’s […]

Karbala the Exalted

Situated in central Iraq, Karbala al-Mu’alla is one of the holiest sites in the Islamic world. It is approximately 55 miles (88.5 km) southwest of Baghdad on the western bank of the Euphrates.   The word Karbala is said to be a compound of two Babylonian words: karb and il, which together mean ‘sanctuary of Allah’ […]

The Journey to Karbala: Farewell Madina (Part 1)

At the onset of Hijri year 61 (680 CE), not even half a century from the passing of the Nabi Mohammed SA, Imam Husain AS, the last member of the Panjatan Paak AS, along with his family, kin and close companions, was mercilessly slaughtered by forces of the Umayyad tyrant Yazeed b. Muʿawiya in Karbala al-Muʿalla on the […]