Sadaq Allah 15

Saturday, 1st Rabīʿ al-Ākhar 1435H

Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s RA Maula — the Maula of all creation, Amir al-Mumineen [Maulana Ali b. Abi Talib AS], the Sovereign of all Legatees (Sayyid al-Wasiyeen) — inscribed his eminent name in the ”Book of Knowledge”. And he revealed the stature of the proof of his exaltation thereby granting him the greatest share of virtue. He donned the robes conferred upon him by the Fatimi Aiʾmmat Tahireen from their very own wardrobe: robes that entailed the blessings of their Kisāʾ al-Ṭathīr. He was a healer who cured the ills of diseased souls with the grace of the Aiʾmmat’s curative medicine and sanctified the souls of the faithful with the fragrance of their gatherings.

O my soul’s anguish upon his loss! Great is my heart’s grief in the absence of his refined disposition and character. How terrifying is this sombre night of despondency and despair brought about by the veiling of the sun of his countenance. By Allah, how can we forget him or find consolation [in his loss] through the passing of time? He bestowed upon us the ultimate of blessings (inʿām), and set us apart from [those who are like] cattle. He educated and nurtured us; disciplined us and guided us. His benedictions are innumerable; their gratitude unattainable. Woe unto my soul! Where is the one who was a shining star? The only one who provided us guidance from the darkness. There was no proof of the keen, sharp sword of faith (Saifuddin) apart from him, and through him Allah refined souls that were uncultured. How can we forget him for he was like a father to us all? How often did he provide direction [that helped one refrain] from deviant acts, and how incessant was his pardoning of the wrongdoer.

He was the moon of forbearance; if only had it not set! He was the river of knowledge; if only had it not run dry! He was the supporting pillar of Imam Tayyib. He never wavered in imparting knowledge to those who desired it, in bestowing alms to those who asked for it, and in mesmerizing the intellect with his enchanting deliverance. His resolve was so great, that even the most distant of targets and intents were no different than the nearest. He was unequalled in asceticism, longing for the hereafter, desiring nothing else. His attributes cannot be enumerated nor written. He guided all people in light of the teachings of the Prophet’s progeny, and strived to counsel equally those both far and near. Before him, men of knowledge were nothing more than school-going children. The stature of his perfection and beauty was more evident than the afternoon sun. Mihrabs mourn him for they have lost the one who erected them and graced them with his presence.

Where has prudence gone? And righteousness? And eloquence and excellence? What has happened to recitation (qirāʾat) and hospitableness (qirā)? Indeed he was a skilled physician: devout, sagacious and donned in [garbs of] piety. He was prescient and perceptive; privy to occurrences before they took place. He was a diligent and careful planner. He was, without doubt, a foaming, intense ocean of knowledge and a radiant moon of guidance. He was the sharpest of swords, the most incontrovertible of proofs and the fiercest of lions in battle. His benevolence was all-encompassing, his disposition was gentle and cordial, his stature prestigious and lofty and his honor prominent and apparent. He had the most noble lineage, the most eloquent speech, the most radiant etiquette and most profitable trade and transactions. His methods were precise, and his instructions, whether prohibiting or permitting, were always sound.

Aah after Aah in his loss! O how my soul grieves and how my heart mourns the demise of Allah’s companion, one who was totally devoted and ever-reliant upon Him. Whether active or dormant, at all times he was dedicated to Allah; both his actions and passivity were for the sake of His cause. How harrowing is this affliction which has caused disarray and confusion and led to unabating anxiety and overwhelming dread. By Allah, his glories are spectacular! Is there anyone with such accomplishments? His efforts in the cause of faith are magnificent and his munificence embraces all Creation. Through his beneficent words, he guided Mumineen tirelessly, and how many were blessed with the ability to speak by the virtue of the blessings of his speech. Without exception, to those who sought from him water, he would instead offer unadulterated, nourishing milk. Many a time the elixir of his gaze transformed copper-like souls into pure gold. How many times did he provide the followers of Amir al-Mumineen with great triumph through the remembrance of the tragedy of his shahādat? O how exalted was his statement when narrating the shahādat of Amir al-Mumineen — who is signified by the day of Saturday due to his evident pre-eminence — “By the Lord of the Kaʿba, I am victorious”: a statement that relieves a Mumin’s every hardship.

The elegies of the Du’at and the verses of the Hudaat mourn him. And why it should not be so, for he was a testament to their virtues: the elucidation of their knowledge, the sultan of their kingdom, the title of their scriptures and the pupil of their eye. He is the eminent Dai, the distinguished sage, the one of noble station, our beloved Maula, Syedna Abu al-Qaidjohar Mohammed Burhanuddin — May Allah prolong the life of his recital of Imam Husain’ s shahādat until the day of Qiyamat. And may He also preserve the life of the call of all those who heard him exclaim “Ya Husain, Ya Husain” for all of eternity.

May Allah increase his sacredness and may he shower upon us his intercessory blessings and benedictions.