Sadaq Allah 16

Sunday, 2nd Rabīʿ al-Ākhar 1435H

He (Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA) was of forbearing nature and of tender disposition. His character was noble and his characteristics were virtuous. He never showed any anger, and whenever he wished to correct someone or impart insight, he only did so with kind and gentle words. Verily, he was a sea of knowledge and wisdom, and a treasury of forgiveness and forbearance. He was of firm resolve and determination; prudent in his views and resolutions. Artisans, and those of learning and skill, all quenched their thirst from his vast ocean of knowledge and wisdom. The intellectual and the wise sought their portion of his perfection, desiring from him his beneficence. His virtues are indescribable and uncountable; his glories innumerable and immeasurable. The good fortune of his era is apparent to the world and his times shined entirely with splendour. Due to his efforts and endeavours, the minarets of the Dawat of Imam al-Zaman stand tall and its foundations remain firm. Dawat’s edifice is reinforced, its banners are raised high and it beams with delight.

He, may Allah exalt his sacredness, would restore harmony between Mumineen and unite their hearts. He would disregard their errors, excuse their wrongdoings and conceal their shortcomings with the veil of forgiveness. He adjudicated between disputes and cases with justice, fairness and gentle and comforting words. His judgements always conformed with what has been ordained by the sharia of Nabi Mohammed, may he and his progeny be exalted with preeminent ṣalawāt and salaam. He had indeed attained the utmost perfection in the acquisition of glories, scaling the heights of the seven heavens. From the auspicious day of his birth until the day of his passing, he was adorned with the beauty of piety, knowledge, etiquette and magnificence. He was a testament to his Imam, obliterating his adversaries with proofs and arguments the likes of which before even mountains trembled. Knowledge personified, he acquired from the knowledge of Aale Mohammed every possible share, and received all that there was to receive. He was an expert horseman who rode across the field of eloquence and exposition in every direction overcoming all obstacles in his path.

Having passed in a state of such perfection without any equal, Mumineen’s mourning and grief in his loss are everlasting. O how painful is this remorse and how harrowing is this affliction! O how agonizing is this calamity and how severe is this distress! How these hearts mourn him; hearts which were delighted by his generosity and munificence. Woe unto the souls of Mumineen (those on the right path) who are his ransom! O, what grief! What agony! What heartache! What pain! What hardship! What regret! What sorrow! What trial and tribulation! [We mourn] the absence of his radiant beauty, the loss of his outstanding grace, the forfeit of pleasing virtues and the disappearance of his angelic conduct. He was the apical pinnacle and the absolute finale. In him, redeemed souls came together. He provided them the Water of Everlasting Life and raised them to the highest of ranks in the radiant, eternally blessed barzakh (a location after death). He was the essence of all essence, and all causes, reasons and motives ended at him. He has no rivals and peers in the arena of perfection and no equals or challengers in his diplomacy and valour. He revealed exceptional [gems of] scholarship and bestowed abundant, everlasting bounties . He enlightened the paths of guidance and cut off the paths which led towards damnation and destruction. He exhibited miracles of faith and made evident the standards of truth.

Was he not but a source of perfection? Was he not astounding and amazing? Was his exalted, sprawling courtyard not enough to provide refuge for all those who sought his charity? Although he was indeed virtuous and principled in himself, was he not of noble ancestry [as well]? Was he not pious and pure? And surely the pious are astute and sagacious. Was he not like Time itself in his resolve? And verily the magnamious are awe-inspiring. Was he not the only one draped in the immaculate garbs of grandeur? Was he not nurtured by Syedna Taher Saifuddin, cultured and refined by him? Was he not the essence of the people of his Dawat? Was he not a savant and sage for them? By leading, he strengthened; in bestowing, he increased; he was respected and he received the greatest share of magnificence. His absence is indeed a tragedy which has caused distress to the very heart of Glory itself. It grieves in the morning and the evening, secretly and openly. Not a day has passed in this mourning in which the tears it has shed in his loss are not joined with blood.

He was Mansur al-Yaman, Allah’s loyal and trustworthy Dai, our sovereign, our Maula, our support, and our refuge – our beloved Maula, Syedna Abu al-Qaidjohar Mohammed Burhanuddin. May Allah extend the life of the glories of his distinction, and the expressions of his singularity, until the day of Qiyamat.

Countless eyes flowed with tears upon hearing his narration of Imam Husain’s martyrdom; not a single eye was left dry. Not a soul remained untouched by the barakat of Imam Husain’s final supplication when he (Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA) called out “Ya Husain” “Ya Husain”!

May Allah increase his sanctity and bless us with the warmth of his love and intercessory affection.