Sadaq Allah 19

Wednesday, 5th Rabīʿ al-Ākhar)

In Kitab al-‘Ilm (Book of Knowledge), he (Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA) is described by the name ‘Mohammed’ and his proof (burhan) is well-known among the Fatimi Duʿat Mutlaqeen. He is an ideal refuge for the distressed and the ultimate shelter for the grieving. His noble courtyard is abundant with everlasting goodness and eternal blessings. His revered heart is surrounded by noble angels who stand in their ranks praising and exalting Allah. Each and every eye is dazzled by the effulgence of his shining radiance. By his sanctified position, the heart of this eternal servant of his is enamored of him. The world is pleasant and agreeable only by virtue of his remembrance, and life is enjoyable only by virtue of giving thanks to him. Death is pure only by virtue of his forgiveness, and the hereafter is fulfilling and rewarding only by virtue of sincere, pure love borne for him. Days are fruitful only when spent in his obedience, and their coming and going is worthwhile only with the hope of his intercession. The day is fulfilling only when occupied with his service, and his service is righteous and worthy only when complying with his directives and seeking inspiration from his virtuousness and infallibility. Nights are pleasant only when spent beseeching him. Souls find happiness only in his calm and comforting words, and hearts find joy only in his love. The conscience gains clarity only through devotion and loyalty to him. Blessings and benedictions are consoling only with his forgiveness and prosperity is gratifying and only when accompanied by his mercy. Speech is of value only when spoken in his praise and silence is golden only when spent contemplating his majesty and grandeur. Caution is useless without his protection. The festivals of Eid are joyous only in his benevolent gaze. This world and the hereafter are meaningful and purposeful only because of him. The surging oceans of knowledge remain pure and unadulterated by virtue of his presence. Indeed, his discourses and sermons clarified the meanings and concepts of divine, eternal truths (ḥaqāʾiq). And the congregations of the faithful as well as those who possess the unique knowledge of the oneness of Allah and understand the definitions and dignitaries of faith, were sanctified by his virtue.

Indeed, blessed is he who is sustained by his goodness and bereft is he who is denied it. Those who truly understand him and recognize his stature are indeed noble. Blessed and redolent is the scent of those who apply the fragrance of his remembrance; a scent to which even that of musk’s does not compare. The one who places himself under his tutelage and partakes from his knowledge savours the best yield from the fruits of heaven. His followers are extolled by all whereas his adversaries are berated. The pearls of his Dawat’s order are organized and arranged in the most systematic and orderly manner. His station lies at the culmination of all limits. His banners are apparent and his signs are manifest. He is the sahib of astounding miracles and spectacular glories; he is the bestower of blessings and the conferer of bounty. The revered Dai, the paramount scholar, our Maula, Syedna Abu al-Qaidjohar Mohammed Burhanuddin. May Allah prolong the life of his golden generosity and eternal blessings until the day of Qiyamat.

He has passed, and we have thus witnessed the eclipse of both the sun and moon. The air has become blighted and tainted and no longer can be cleaned. Towering edifices were shaken to their foundations until they laid wasted upon the ground. The springs of Virtue gush forth lamenting the one upon whom all that which is aggrieved by his loss would spring tears, even if it were a mountain. For the progeny of Maulatuna Fatima al-Zahra, the purest of the pure, he was the purest essence of the essence of all Mumineen. The [Earth’s various] territories weep and anguish over the loss of their lofty Daʿi. Within each region of these lands there is sorrowful mourning in the remembrance of Imam Husain.

Our tragedy is grave and our hardship is agonizing; the extent of their severity cannot be captured in words. Similarly, the Daʿwat of the people of the Household of Nabi Mohammed will continue to weep him as long as the breeze blows. After him who will defend Daʿwat’s frontier from the cruel onslaughts and injustices of its foes? And who else will disseminate wisdom within Daʿwat, to be learned and benefited from, other than him? Aah after Aah!All Mumineen, young and old alike cry out to him, “O’ our Maula, O’ our support, O’ our master, O’ our guide, O’ our intercessor, O’ our benefactor”! How we long to catch a glimpse of your noble countenance! How we yearn to hear your divine voice!

Verily, he (Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA) devotedly loved Imam Husain, exceeding all those who came before him. He laid a clear path towards this love for Imam Husain for all those who came after him. His lamentation upon Imam Husain’s loyal companions moved all to tears, and inspired congregation after congregation of Mumineen to derive lessons of loyalty, mourning and weeping. In the most succinct manner with an eloquent style he states:

‘How I weep upon the loyal companions

who were luminous, noble, and pious.

They pleased Imam Husain [with their sacrifice]

and loathed his usurping enemies.

I will continue to weep upon you, my Maula Husain!

My tafādī (sacrifice) for you is eternal, my Maula Husain!

My Maula! My Maula Husain!’

May Allah increase his sacredness and may he shower upon us his intercessory blessings and benedictions.