Sadaq Allah 21

Friday, 7th Rabīʿ al-Ākhar

He (Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA) was the most luminous beacon in the lampshade of Dawat and for the body of guidance a fitting head. He was the best shelter and refuge for Mumineen “from the Satan who arouses scruples, who plants doubts into the hearts of Mankind, from amongst the jinn and the men.”(114:4-6) Ascetism was his emblem, righteousness his garb, piety his guiding light and knowledge his yield.

Blessed is the one who spends his days and nights in his remembrance! There is no one who could reach him in the field of pre-eminence. Although he was preceded by many in the fold of existence, he surpassed them all. He strived tirelessly to attain glories to the extent that he surpassed his exalted predecessors. Allah elevated him to a lofty station in the firmament of divine wisdom and conferred upon him a solemn position in eternal edifices. He reinforced the ordinances of the Prophet’s luminous sharia, and raised the standards of the rightly guided Dawat.

Despite his august age, he was young and spirited in reviving and reinstating the traditions of faith, and in acquiring and disseminating knowledge. He illuminated the skies of guidance, and spurt forth the rivers of benevolence amongst the faithful. He restored the great city of the Dawat of the Fatimid Imams to its perfect glory and immersed its residents with all-encompassing goodness, majestic blessings, pristine bounties and abundant kindness. When it came to the expanse of blessings, his era was the most plentiful, and he dwelled in the splendid palace of the rank of full and complete authority. He had no occupation but the noble remembrance of his masters and their incessant gratitude. Indeed, By Allah! He was the kauthar [spring] of divine knowledge, the zamzam of lofty wisdom, a luminous moon in the sky of Hashimi honours and a red ruby in the treasury of gems of the Fatemi Dawat. The congregations of the righteous faith are proud of his being and presence and due to his prestige and eminence its edifices rise and soar.

He was a testament amongst the great testaments of Allah and the pinnacle of divine honours that had reached their zenith in pride and glory. He was a banner amongst the exalted and esteemed banners of righteousness. He initiated countless noble traditions in Dawat and bestowed upon its people innumerable benevolence. With him Allah adorned the firmament of the Imami Dawat and made him the delight of the eye of His beloved Imam al Zaman; Imam of the pious. He made him a spring of Hashemite munificence and a radiant sun in the sky of the virtues of the Fatimi Duʿāt. Indeed, his genesis was sanctified, his origins pristine and pure and his conscience clear. His upbringing was at the hands of the most righteous and noble of the age, his miracles dazzled and mesmerised, his thoughts and actions unsullied and his brilliance shone in the sky of guidance.

He would always forego his soul for that of his Master’s soul, devoting himself to his blessed service day and night. He chose seclusion on the day of Friday proceeding towards the precincts and court of his Maula, Imam al-Zaman. Due to him [Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin] the souls of Mumineen were able to prostrate before the lofty station of Imam and ascend towards his esteemed presence. Aah! Aah! and Aah! Our grief upon him is unending, our yearning towards him is unceasing, and our longings and desires can only be fulfilled by him. We always remain before him.

His compassion towards those who sought knowledge was like the kindness shown by parents upon their beloved children, nay, far more than such tenderness. His words were an effective theriac for them; protecting them from the poison of venomous adversaries. He inherited from Maulatona Hurrat al-Maleka the esteemed stature of Ishraq and was issued with unrestricted authority in each and every matter of Dawat by his Maula Imam al-Zaman. Then why should each Seeker of the Knowledge of the Descendants of Mohammed not weep him incessantly? And why should each and every one of them not elegise him as a means of expressing their sustained gratitude for his magnificent bounties.

Many times he elucidated vividly the meaning of Surah al-Kahf, explaining its significance in the context of the martyrdom of Imam Husain by which the trade of Mumineen reaped profit. Three weeks have passed since his seclusion from us with each day bringing springs after springs of tears gushing forth. Undoubtedly, a single tear shed by him on Imam Husain, sovereign of the martyrs, equalled all the seas and rivers and interceded for Mumineen in ways both unseen and seen. He voiced in the most significant of expressions:

I shall always weep him, sacrificing my soul upon him,

I shall eternally elegise him expressing grief and sorrow,

And I shall call out his name ,

And by doing so I shall seek Jannat

I will continue to weep upon you, my Maula Husain!

My tafādī (sacrifice) for you is eternal, my Maula Husain!

My Maula! My Maula Husain!

He is the solemn dāʿī singular and paramount, whose glories are noble and lofty. Our beloved Maula, Syedna Abu al-Qaidjohar Mohammed Burhanuddin. May Allah extend the life of his salawāt on Mohammed and on his progeny until the day of qiyāma.

May Allah exalt his sacredness and sustain us with his intercession and the warmth of his comfort.