Sadaq Allah 23

Sunday, 9th Rabīʿ al-Ākhar

He (Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA) was paramount of all distinct standards and the proof of guidance and religion; a testament to the veracity of the truthful aʾimmat: progeny of the sixth nātiq, descendants of the speaking Quran and those who spoke of the Truths. He was firm in his knowledge, steadfast in his forbearance, prudent in judgement, profound in comprehension and resolute in determination. He was a lush meadow amongst the verdant gardens of heavens and a support for the Imam of men and jinns. He was the distinguished mark on the radiant forehead of the personages of the Duat of the Rightly Guided mission, the salsabīl (spring) of esoteric knowledge that quenches the thirst of parched souls. He is Allah’s dāʿī, the trustworthy and honest, the support of the ‘blessed companions of the right’ and the refuge for his followers. Our beloved Maula, Syedna Abu al-Qaidjohar Mohammed Burhanuddin. May Allah prolong the life of his enlightened sermons and divine counsels till the day of qiyāmat.

His fingertips were surging oceans of benevolence, his honours and virtues were luminous moons of guidance. His proofs were resplendent suns of profound reasoning and arguments. His edicts and decrees founded upon the principles of justice and kindness ensured the development and prosperity of the city of the Fatimi Dawat and his munificence and charity inundated the world. Surely he was Allah’s beloved and the door of His mercy, the vicegerent of Allah’s vicegerent and the proof of His proof. He was the locus of Allah’s divine grace and light and the repository of his knowledge and secrets. By Allah! He was distinct in his radiant virtues and unique in his brilliant attributes. By Allah! He was a forceful, endless sea of sacred knowledge and divine learning and an ocean of lofty generosity and eternal kindness who left none unanswered and unfulfilled. He was a bright star guiding those who sought guidance in the sombre night of seclusion. His magnificent glories are countless and the proofs, testaments and evidence attesting to his lofty station are endless. How compassionate he was, a merciful and tender hearted father to Mumineen. Indeed he was a magnanimous sovereign, nay a virtuous divine angel. Due to him the souls of the children of the steadfast faith were revived and victorious were those who clutched his firm rope and clung to [even the] edges of his attire. Many a time he bestowed charity even before it was asked of him, untold times he pardoned the shortcomings of his followers even though they numbered the grains of sand in a desert. His favours, abundant and plentiful, rained down upon us one after another, unceasingly; and attaining his happiness was undoubtedly the greatest desire and the utmost wish of every Mumin and Mumina. Mumineen were his ransom and they continue to sacrifice themselves upon him with their souls, family and wealth.

He is the dāʿī who was aided and inspired by his Maula through the grace of jadd, fath and khayāl. He is one amongst the men of truth who fulfilled their pledges towards Allah and how exceptional those men are. My grief and sorrow upon his passing gives way to more grief and sorrow and my regret and lament upon him leads to further regret and lament. Such were his pleasing manners, coveted benevolence and delightful compassion, originating from the exalted heavens.

O what grief, O what anguish, on the loss of the one who has acquired all glories and honours. O what pain, O what regret, for the seclusion of the luminous moon’s radiance and the setting of a dazzling sun of virtues. Dust upon this world [nothing of value remains in it] for his enlightened personage has departed from it and his all-embracing lofty station has hidden itself from its people. Harrowing is our affliction! Great is our misfortune! ‘Indeed to Allah we belong and surely unto Him we shall return.’ (2:156) Complaining over the pain inflicted upon us by fate we mourn, for we have been afflicted by the loss of the one who has no equal amongst creation, the world is in regret while the heavens rejoice. Our innards bleed and our eyes pour tears, O our Lord fill us with patience and restraint and maximise our reward [for our patience] in this testing tribulation.

Mumineen wept upon the loss and departure of their Maula from amongst them, such was their sorrow that it made them lose their senses and become void of their faculties. Uncontrollably they wailed expressing their regret and they could not contain their voices as they cried out: ‘Only if this was not to be! Only if this was not to be! Until it was almost as if the skies had collapsed and the earth had shattered. Mumineen rushed and hastened towards him to offer their final salaam and for a glimpse of his noble countenance. They offered him their gifts of recital of the Holy Quran and fed others on his behalf to the best of their individual abilities and capacities.

Why should each and every letter from the elegies composed in the honour of Imam Husain, the sovereign of martyrs, the tyrannised, not weep upon him. Indeed, through his mourning and lamentation he would elucidate their meanings and made them emanate with the sealed musk of Imam Husain’s happiness. Countless times he reinvigorated the souls of Mumineen with his verse:

‘The Ship of Imam Husain has anchored in Karbala,

The Kingdom of Imam Husain has been established in Karbala

The Worship of Imam Husain is seen in Karbala

The Musk of Imam Husain emanates throughout Karbala

I will continue to weep upon you, my Maula Husain!

My tafādī (sacrifice) for you is eternal, my Maula Husain!

My Maula! My Maula Husain!

May Allah exalt his sacredness and sustain us with his intercession and the warmth of his comfort.