Sadaq Allah 24

Monday, 10th Rabīʿ al-Ākhar

He (Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA) was a proof of Allah’s religion and its sword. His grace and elegance were like that of the radiant duʿāt mutlaqīn. Like their determination was his determination, like their loftiness was his loftiness, like their reverence was his reverence, and like their wise counsel was his wise counsel. He showed great tenacity in raising the standards of the radiant Dawat. He regularly recited the Holy Quran, uttered the glorifications stated in it and discharged the obligations it listed each morning and eve. Due to him the edifices of the Dawat are firmly established on the foundations of Allah’s piety.

He was a sovereign, venerated and omnipotent, a surging ocean of esoteric wisdom and knowledge and a sharp blade wielded by Imam al-Zaman for the aid of his faith. He surpassed all in his benevolence and munificence and rose above all in his compassion, kindness and munificence. He is the solemn dāʿī, the distinct, the paramount, a father to all, the bearer of a distinguished station and exalted stature. The pinnacle of the skies lay beneath the grandeur of his blessed feet. He was named Mohammed and verily like his noble name he was praised by all. He was baptised in the Tiberias lake of the Tayyebi Dawat and was the reigning and revered sovereign of Dawat’s province. He had accustomed himself with the virtuous habits of the duʿāt mutlaqīn and the pious hudāt and has adorned himself in the immaculate attire of pristine ethics and etiquette.

Through him, Allah’s beloved Imam al-Zaman elucidated – by virtue of his title – the proof (burhān) of the true and right religion and appointed him the sultan of the sacred city. With his tireless efforts and endeavours he reinforced the foundations of the righteous faith and obliterated the blasphemy and falsehood of Satan with the effulgence of his reasoning and proof. He encompassed all the children of the radiant Dawat with his bounties and beneficence and was like a pupil in the eye of divine glories and splendours. His exalted Lord elevated his stature and brought disgrace upon all those who bore hatred towards him and sought to slander him. Indeed he was a divine angel who revealed himself in the human form and was favoured with eternal grace. And with his prudent planning he redeemed the souls of the faithful from the seas of the corporeal realm. His era witnessed many attempts at discord and dissension which unravelled into nothingness just as waves do after seemingly appearing to be mountain-like. As each attempted tumult subsided, Allah’s blessings incessantly flowed on the children of the Dawat and the word of Allah, exalted are his glories, was further raised and elevated.

He was forbearing and noble, honorable and kind, merciful and compassionate, kind and gracious, benevolent and magnanimous, honest and trustworthy, tender-hearted and affectionate, dignified and lofty, resolute and insightful. He was a sagacious scholar, who always turned towards Allah and his beloved in all his affairs. A devout worshipper and an ascetic, ever-bowing and prostrating. He always remembered Allah and praised him and his worship was an expression of his gratitude towards Him. He was righteous and pious, immaculate and pure.

He defended Allah’s faith by expending tireless effort and endless endeavour and wielded the sword of his proof on the adversaries of faith, apostates who deviate and doggedly oppose. He severed the arteries of those who attempted to ruin and sully the land of Dawat. Aah! Aah! and aah! Upon him. Indeed his absence is a tragedy that has made all other misfortunes insignificant. Its intensity has terrified those who are near and far alike and its severity has caused the feet of both Arabs and non-Arabs to tremble. No other adversity on this earthly plane is harsher than this one, nor greater in its hardship and devastation; it is as if the skies would collapse upon the land from its weight. It is such an affliction that even if a portion of it was to befall mountains they would get crushed and melt away, while oceans would run dry and freeze, the sun would eclipse and the land would sink, swallowing its inhabitants.

This tragedy has left mihrabs and inkwells weeping, masjids and minbars wailing in agony and schools, congregations and assemblies crying in pain. It was a calamity, brought upon by destiny and the execution of the will of Allah, the Eternal and All-sustaining. It was the ascension of the grand personage of all good and the solemn image of all blessings. It is the departure and eternal journey of our sovereign and our support, our provision and our pillar. The resplendent sun of the rightly-guided duʿāt and the light of the distinguished hudāt. Our beloved Maula, Syedna Abu al-Qaidjohar Mohammed Burhanuddin. May Allah prolong the life of his revival and restoration of the exalted masjids and the lofty mausoleums till the day of qiyāmat.

He ensured the ascension of souls to the heavens by weeping and causing others to shed tears upon Imam Husain, the oppressed; the one of lofty station. Just as the distinguished Maula Syedi Abde Ali Imaduddin expresses in a panegyric in the praise of Syedna Abdul Qadir Najmuddin, May Allah exalt his sacredness in His highest heaven:

‘Even if the soul had acquired nothing that would enable it to reach heaven, save the grief of Imam Husain, it (the grief) alone would ensure that the soul ascends to heaven.’

May Allah increase his sacredness and may he shower upon us his intercessory blessings and benedictions.