Sadaq Allah 25

Tuesday, 11th Rabīʿ al-Ākhar

His (Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA) preeminence was apparent throughout the world like the sun. He was the noble veil for the Imam of his age who chose seclusion in the cave of taqiyya (God-fearing). Those who seek to tarnish his exalted stature will not but perish, while those who clutch the handhold of his love will not but be with him in the auspicious fold of the noble and righteous duʿāt on the day of qiyamah. He was the shining lamp of Dawat and its luminous beacon, by virtue of whom the pathway of Dawat was firmly established and its systems became clear.

By acting upon his guidance and through his obedience, the disfigurement of souls was rectified. His preeminence was the crown of all noble virtues. In Dawat, he was its scholar and standard, whose words were outstanding in their wisdom, astounding in their insights. He was of noble disposition and of radiant etiquette and rains of blessings poured incessantly from the sky of his fingertips. His merciful glances brought forms into the fold of existence reviving them from oblivion and nothingness. He established the pillars of the upright sharia and explained its ordinances and parameters. He proscribed the evil and prescribed the good and his compassion towards the children of the Dawat was like the compassion of a kind-hearted father.

He guided towards the walāyat of the pure Ahl al-Bayt (people of the house) and extolled their virtues by calling towards them both openly and subtly. He extirpated all those who denied the truth as well as those who were immoral and evil. He prepared and trained his soul for the service of Imam al-Zamān in the most rigorous manner. He refined and disciplined his noble personage, making it resemble spiritual beings in its traits and attributes. He was a great sovereign, nay, a lofty angel possessing heavenly virtues. He was a pillar of support, valiant and bold; a venerated king magnificent and solemn in his pride and glory. He was the dāʿī for the progeny of Mustafa, chosen by his Imam to speak to him upon the Mount Sinai of his exalted stature.

He was an illustrious dāʿī whose equal in acquiring the glories he has is nonexistent. He was the harbinger of glad tidings of eternal victory and divine reward in the hereafter for those who performed good deeds, while warning those obstinate in their disobedience of punishment and retribution. His days and nights were spent in reciting the Quran, and his wont was Allah’s worship and his worship was sacrificing himself upon his Maula, Imam al-Zamān, the master of the age.

Amongst the scholarly and erudite he was paramount and distinguished in knowledge and wisdom and in asceticism no one could keep up with him. He was the sun in the firmament of virtues and glories of the duʿāt mutlaqīn and the pride of the earlier and latter amongst them. He was the largest, most lustrous and iridescent pearl amongst their pearls and the apex of their pinnacle. He was the all-encompassing shade of Allah, the qibla for the learned and the confluence of all honors, old and new. By Allah! If the following was to be recited in praise of him and his predecessor – the distinguished dāʿī and the majestic sovereign – our beloved Maula Syedna Taher Saifuddin – May Allah exalt their sacredness and sustain us with their intercession and warmth, the words of the eminent and unparalleled Dāʿī Syedna al-Muayyad – the one who Allah favoured with the authority of making the final decision, the bāb al-abwāb to Imam al-Mustansir – in his radiant panegyric in praise of Ali, Amirul Mumineen and the leader of all legatees and in praise of Rasul Allah, the leader of all Prophets:

‘O Aba Hasan (Maulana Ali), the equal of the one who warned (Rasul Allah)! Were it not for your presence, an equal (to Rasul Allah) would have been lost.’

By Allah, this verse would be appropriate, apparent and evident (in Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin and Syedna Taher Saifuddin).

Indeed, the solemn dāʿī, our beloved Maula, Syedna Abu al-Qaidjohar Mohammed Burhanuddin. May Allah prolong the life of his final judgement until the Day of qiyamah, a dāʿī by whose departure we have been afflicted at this moment a distinguished standard amongst all standards, one who maintained piety for Allah ‘to Whom belongs the ships with sails raised amidst the sea like mountains’. The one of magnanimity the fragrance of which emanates like the scent of ambergris of Shehr (the coast between Aden and Oman), the personage of sagacity the radiance of which shines brightly ‘as if it were a white pearly star’.

He was a man of effective resolve as if it were a sharp sword and effulgent attributes are ‘as if they were pristine pearls’. His essence was exalted in its nobility and esteemed in its value amidst the essence of mankind, rather it moved others to say ‘Glory be to Allah! He is not human, (he is but a noble angel).’ His wisdom discerned the character of men and differentiated between them individually, indeed he has enumerated them and counted them completely.

He left us! His departure is a tragedy, harrowing in its affliction, painful and agonising. The darkness ensuing from it has filled the heavens and earth. Indeed by Allah! He who has been buried was an ocean nay he was a resplendent sun in his brilliance. Can you contemplate who has been buried? By Allah! The one who has been buried is one of Allah’s beloved, the immaculate amongst the pure, a mountain amongst the mountains and a great king amongst sovereigns. Good fortune shone upon him. His essence was pure at inception and pious at culmination. He was honest and upright, carrying out good deeds openly and covertly.

He ensured the prosperity of the Dawat of seclusion through the remembrance of the tragedy of the sovereign of the martyrs. His worship of shedding tears upon Imam Husain – sovereign of the martyrs – was an act of gratitude. Countless times he vividly portrayed and depicted the image of the final departure of Imam Husain in his mournful manner that cannot be expressed by words. Many a time he recited what his exalted and solemn father said:

A day more terrifying than the day of qiyamah,

was when the most devout Imam,

in his final moments- bid farewell,

to the noble members of his household,

and especially to His son – Imam Ali Zainul Abedin,

o my grief upon you Imam Husain,

o sovereign of all Martyrs.

May Allah exalt his sacredness and sustain us with his intercessory blessings and comfort.