Sadaq Allah 28

Friday, 14th Rabīʿ al-Ākhar

By Allah! He (Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA) was always with Haq (what is true and right) and Haq was eternally with him. He was the embodiment of a moment amongst the moments of the day of Friday. He left no virtue scattered but gathered it, no plea of the distressed but he heard it, no root of falsehood but he extirpated it and no standard of righteousness but he raised it. He did not place anything in its position but with justice and kindness and left no evildoers but forced them back. He was the pillar for those who professed the unity of Allah and extolled Him. An ideal for those who exalted Allah and sanctified Him from being described by virtues and traits. He is my Maula and the Maula of the faithful and pious. My master and the master of the upright and faithful. The most solemn amongst the dignified, our benefactor, the dāʿī towards the apparent Haq – our beloved Maula, Syedna Abu al-Qaidjohar Mohammed Burhanuddin. May Allah extend the life of his immaculate Dawat until the day of qiyāmah.

The simplest of his glories astounded the greatest of sages while the most accomplished of writers were unable to pen down even a few of his virtues. Through his perseverance he attained the loftiest of ranks of faith and by virtue of his great honour acquired the most glorious of stations amongst those who profess the true oneness of Allah. He was an honourable veil for the one by whom the Lord of all Creation remains in seclusion and the most eloquent tongue for the supreme speaker through whom the voice of truth and righteousness spoke. The most magnificent amongst the auspicious duʿāt when it came to pristine qualities, the most exalted in position, the most munificent in charity and kindness, the most apparent in revealing marvels for the children of the faith, the most evident in manifesting magnificent glories for the souls, the most munificent in bestowing the desires and wishes of Mumineen, the most aspiring to lead the caravan of camels towards the Imam of his age, the one whose clouds of generosity and magnanimity were the most forceful in their downpour, his development and maintenance of places of congregation, masjids and mihrabs was the extensive amongst them. He shone most brilliantly amongst the duʿāt in his radiance and majesty and the most complete of them in nobility and perfection, the most perfect in felicity and auspiciousness and the most deserving of honour and virtue.

Indeed, he and his father – the solemn Dāʿī – the distinguished Syedna Taher Saifuddin, were equals in their praiseworthy endeavours and glorious achievements and shared the same lofty dwelling of virtues and good deeds. They both were companions to the Companion of the Quran, the one who reveals its esoteric and exoteric meaning, they both were loved by the beloved of Rasul Allah and they both were masters of all fields who graced the minbars with their eloquence.

By Allah! How esteemed were these qualities! O’ how my soul mourns in agony over the absence of their bearer, the one who restored to his obedient followers what was previously lost. O’ how this heart grieves the demise of the one who endlessly revived the dead. May he be showered with the grandest of salutations and salam at all times, especially on the day of Friday. If mourning is an act of righteousness, then surely it is that which is upon him. Then tell all those who have been graced with his benevolence to weep upon him and tell his followers to sincerely love him and be devoted towards him and towards all those saints who passed before him.

Is it humane to forget the one who was an eternal spring of life and the door of salvation amongst the rightly guided duʿāt? Great is the felicity and good-fortune of the one who remembered him, carried his bier and prayed salawāt upon him, seeking his intercession. Aah! Aah! And Aaah! Unwillingly and with a grieving and pining heart, we laid him to rest in a sacred blessed grave; a radiant sun of noble deeds and a luminous moon of eminent achievements. We enshrouded him with soil, the dāʿī of Abi Turab, the one who had no equal. But, how can the divine and eternal sun be concealed? Can its radiance and brilliance ever be prevented from shining? Aah! And Aah! Upon this harrowing affliction. O what grief! Upon the absence of a countenance that has left us grief-stricken and in mourning.

Guided by the divine wisdom of Allah, He (Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA) constructed countless mausoleums for the duʿāt mutlaqīn and sepulchres for the Fatimi aʾimma. He incessantly desired and sought to build sacred edifices in al-Madinah al-Munawwara. These magnificent structures are now forever etched in the hearts of Mumineen. If this is his standing when it comes to raising these edifices, then why would Allah’s honourable beloved not receive him upon his passing saying ‘Welcome! How excellent and perfect!

He was the Maula who founded several institutions of health and well-being and cured his believers of their ailments and diseases.

It has been four weeks since the passing away of a Maula, from whose noble courtyard the spring of eternal knowledge flowed. The one whose exalted name was glorified by each tongue and finger.

Congregations and tenements prospered due to his remembrance. His absence is a tragedy, the shock of which has engulfed the earth and a catastrophe the burden of which makes mountains seem light. Our days were passing in jubilation until the vicissitudes of time assailed us with distress and misfortune. The sun and moon have eclipsed in their heavens and the earth trembles in the aftermath of this affliction.

He was the dāʿī who revived and reinvigorated Mumineen with the remembrance of Imam Husain – the sovereign of martyrs – may the salawāt and salutations of the Lord of the two horizons forever be upon him. Through his mourning and lamentation upon him (Imam Husain) he revealed the true essence of shedding tears upon Imam Husain and inducing others to weep. Then why should not each Mumin who weeps upon him, call out, ‘By Allah, I love you O’ my Maula, By Allah! my soul is your ransom.’ By Allah! What a magnificent sight he was on the Day of ʿĀshūrāʾ. How vivid was his portrayal, by his countenance and his tears, of the duʿā of Imam Husain and his final sajda upon the land of Karbala. How eloquent are his words, which encapsulate grief, lament, mourning and sorrow.

‘O how paramount was the sajda of Imam Husain,

in which Imam Husain rendered the duʿā he intended,

and in which Imam Husain fulfilled his promise [to Rasul Allah],

and in which Imam Husain attained shahāda.

I will continue to weep upon you, my Maula Husain!

My tafādī (sacrifice) for you is eternal, my Maula Husain!

My Maula! My Maula Husain!’

May Allah increase his sanctity and bless us with the warmth of his love and affection.