Sadaq Allah 30

Sunday, 16th Rabīʿ al-Ākhar

He (Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA ) was a pillar of support for all those who professed the oneness of Allah; the one exalted from all comparisons and negations. He was an ideal for those who praised Allah and extolled him; the One devoid of any personification and symbolism. He (Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA) was the resplendent sun of knowledge, Allah’s conclusive proof and His all-encompassing bounty. Due to him the lives of Mumineen were prosperous and blissful and by virtue of his radiance the knowledge of the progeny of Mohammed was assimilated in their hearts. He was a resolute sovereign, upright and prudent, who erected his edifice on the foundations of piety and in the pristine mirror of his soul the radiance of the eternal sun was reflected. He governed all affairs with divinely inspired governance due to which its institutions were strengthened and its shortcomings were rectified. By the radiance of his auspicious countenance the munificence of rain would be sought in times of drought and famine. When men of honour and nobility are enumerated, they are but a body with Syedna Burhanuddin as its head. Surely, those who take comfort in his sincere obedience, are truly in the fold of humanity.

Oh what grief! Upon the absence of his divine personage. Oh what regret! Upon the passing away of his radiant countenance. Oh my sorrow! Upon his munificence which encompassed all creation and included all Arabs and non-Arabs. Oh how I long! For his knowledge; complete in its benefits and perfect in its returns. No good is left for the living, following his demise! We have been reduced to but a body devoid of soul, for indeed, he was the source of all existence. How can this not be! For this is an affliction of the one to whom a beneficent angel cannot be compared, let alone a virtuous human. It is a tragedy of a Maula with whom competitors cannot compete in the arena of perfection and rivals cannot match him in his station of governance and valour. His presence in this temporal world was that of a divine eternal intellect; one who had descended and revealed prodigious learnings, provided complete sustenance, illuminated the paths of guidance, sealed off the pathways of destruction, displayed the signs of Haqq, and made apparent the standards of truth. When his purpose [is this world] was fulfilled, he returned to his abode and settled in his home.

He left this world! But by the virtue of his eternal radiance remains ever present. His departure has afflicted the inhabitants of this world with woe and misery. Wherever will they find such sermons and supplications like his, ones in which he eloquently articulated extraordinary insights and offered them astounding and wisdom filled parables. He opened the locks that had sealed hearts and delivered them to guidance after they had gone astray. As the great tragedy of his demise befell us and pain and grief following the absence of his personage swamps us, we find no refuge in which to seek shelter nor a support upon which to lean, apart from turning towards patience and seeking consolation and reaping the great reward and blessed recompense it holds. We have steered the reigns of our souls towards patience and endurance, restraining ourselves from excessive grief and lamentation. We voice that which virtuous, obedient servants of Allah recite, when afflicted and tested in trials and tribulations- ‘Indeed to Allah we belong and indeed unto Him we return.’(2:156).

He was a resplendent sun in the sky of solemnity like Syedna Jalal- who honoured this day, the 16th of Rabīʿ al-Ākhar by departing this world and ascending to the realm of Allah’s honour and blessings. May Allah exalt his sacredness and sustain us with his intercession and companionship. Indeed, one month has gone by since the passing away of our beloved Maula, Syedna Abu al-Qaidjohar Mohammed Burhanuddin. May Allah prolong the life of his grandeur and splendour until the day of qiyāmah. Aah! Aah! And Aah! Upon a Maula who was a noble refuge for the widowed and a comforting shelter for the orphaned. Through his endless perseverance and rigorous self-disciplining he purified his soul making it glass-like. He came to resemble divine and proximate angels in his solemn qualities of purity, sincerity, worship and piety. Thus, the light emanating from the Imam of his age radiated in his unsullied mirror. He travelled far and wide, east and west, reviving the order of Aʾimmat Fatimiyīn, their remnants and their heritage. He reaped the fruits of all that the exalted duʿāt before him had sown: the seeds of knowledge, by which the love of people for them increased manifold. How eminent was his station in unearthing the treasures of the progeny of Mohammed buried under the Lotus tree of blessings. He established their statures guided by their divine aid and inspiration and in doing so revealed and exhibited their unseen and unknown glories. He was known as a confluence of spiritual perfection, and praised and extolled for his divine characteristics and traits.

Is there anyone who wept upon Imam Husain, the sovereign of the martyrs, like him? Is there someone who, through his own tears and by moving others to weep severed the arteries of envious and untruthful adversaries? His exalted station in the remembrance of Imam Husain is incomprehensible. Oh how eloquently he expressed the remembrance of the noble brother of Imam Husain, Maulana Abbas; the lion of the battlefield, who aptly aided his brother Imam Husain; the compassionate sovereign:

‘O how I grieve upon his Abbas.

a lion in his charge and in his wrath,

he quenches by the virtue of his waterskin,

By Allah! How magnificent was his effort.

I will continue to weep upon you, my Maula Husain!

My tafādī (sacrifice) for you is eternal, my Maula Husain!

My Maula! My Maula Husain!

He bore the standard of his army,

and rode away to bring water,

drenched in blood upon his return,

he cried out ‘save me!’

I will continue to weep upon you, my Maula Husain!

My tafādī (sacrifice) for you is eternal, my Maula Husain!

My Maula! My Maula Husain!

May Allah increase his sacredness and may He shower upon us His intercessory blessings and benedictions.