Sadaq Allah 37

‌Sunday,‌ ‌23rd ‌‌Rabīʿ ‌al-Ākhar

With his knowledge and conduct, he (Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinRA) enlightened the characteristics of true import and export and their ultimate objective. Due to him, his followers were crowned with the headpiece of righteous beliefs, due to which those who attained ascendancy, gained it. His counsels and discourses embellished the congregations of learning and wisdom wherein each congregation imparted the blessings of true esoteric meanings. His precious gift of ‘Raudat Hidayat’, ensured that the gardens of the rightly guided became lush and verdant and due to him the meaning and true understanding of the ‘Islamic Fatimi perspective’ was perceived in each field of knowledge and branch of art.

Why should it not be so? For he was the son of the sovereign of the kings of Yemen, the singular of her age. He restored her shrine and upheld her status, after it had been violated by her adversaries, out of oppression and animosity, in their defiance of Allah and His disobedience. He was a dāʿī in whose radiant and luminous heart, Allah imprinted each and every divine image of His dazzling brilliance. Hence, all concealed, intricate secrets were revealed unto him. Following which the Tayyib of his Age – Allah’s salawāt upon him – drew him nearer and revealed to him his view and perspective. He undertook all of his endeavours for the sake of Allah, whether they be private or public and it is for this reason that all of his efforts were praiseworthy despite its downpour being numerous and all-encompassing. He was munificent in the conferment of his grace on all souls, for his very existence was Allah’s mercy that embraces all, affluent or impoverished. He showed kindness and compassion to these souls with the warmth that Allah instilled in his temperament, so that his magnanimity would reach the world over and enshroud them all in its attire. He was graced with the lofty portions of Allah’s patronage and his Beloved’s favours wherever he resided or travelled. The hereafter was more dearer and delightful in his eyes and he longed towards it and towards attaining its eternal bounties.

He was such a Maula that towards him legions of noble angels endlessly flocked and upon him, sacrificed themselves and they would continue to direct and guide all those who sought guidance to his lofty station. They would disseminate and reveal his divine virtues, they would bring forth the fruits of heaven and gift them to his devoted followers, and grant and fulfil the wishes of all those who sought from Allah through his intercession.

He has departed from amongst us, a Maula who was a resplendent moon. O Mumineen! Weep upon him profusely. He was your succor whenever the times sought to forsake you. Shed tears upon him incessantly, the one who was bestowed the epithet of Proof of Allah’s Faith due to his valour in the arena of knowledge and reasoning. Cry upon him without restraint, the one who had no equal when it came to the traits of nobility and virtues. Make your teardrops flow relentlessly, upon the one who was the custodian of the divine treasure and the commander of the righteous empire. Weep upon him persistently, an expert physician aware of the betterment of the children of Dawat. Cry upon him unabated, the one who beneficently and magnanimously offered refuge to one who sought it from him and the one who eased all circumstances that were hard and adverse. Cry upon him endlessly, the one who fed and spent in the cause of Allah, knowing no eyeservice, he emancipated and freed the shackled for His sake. Cry upon him perpetually, the one who along with being an erudite scholar, was an eloquent litterateur as well as a garden and reservoir of wisdom. Cry upon him eternally, the one who adhered to gratefulness and was resolute and able in patience. Cry upon him unceasingly, the one who was the eternal fragrance, bounty, zest and felicity for the souls of the children of Dawat, exalted or humble. Cry upon him endlessly, the one who was complete in his perfection, solemnity and beauty, whose munificence was all-encompassing and his deeds and conscience were sanctified. Cry upon him uninterruptedly, the one whose just and fair conduct and bearing was just like that of the one who appointed him (Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA) and he was like him in all his comings and goings. Cry upon him unremittingly, the one who discharged the obligations of namāz and sawm diligently and strengthened the method and structure of Allah’s worship. He awakened many from the slumber of ignorance, caused countless rivers of blessings to flow and sprung forth numerous wells of water. Aah! Aah! Upon him, indeed this tragedy is grave, this affliction harrowing. His absence has caused the eyes to darken with the kohl of restlessness and anxiety and has distressed infants in their very cradles. Aah! Aah! Upon him without end, nay, one that increases with each repetition.

Incessantly, how we yearn to listen to his expression of ‘Aah,’ upon the sovereign of martyrs, Imam Husain, one that would indeed melt hearts along with the innards. How can we forget his sorrowful words that aroused grief and kindled hidden anguish:

‘Aah! Upon the radiant body of Imam Husain,

that lies neglected on the sands of Karbala,

trampled upon by wretched tyrants,

wounded and bloodied in all ways.

I will continue to weep upon you, my Maula Husain!

My tafādī (sacrifice) for you is eternal, my Maula Husain!

My Maula! My Maula Husain!’

He is the solemn Fatemi dāʿī, our beloved Maula Abu al-Qaidjohar Mohammed Burhanuddin. May Allah prolong the life of his Aah! Until the day of qiyāmah. May Allah elevate his rank in heaven and may He sustain us with his blessings and his warmth.