Sadaq Allah 5

Wednesday, 21st Rabīʿ al-Awwal 1435H

The sacred chapters and blessed verses of the Holy Quran give evidence of his (Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA) preeminence, particularly the verses of Sūra al-Fatḥ (The Triumph). Sūra al-Ḥamd praises him and exalts him. He is the one who was created in the image of al-Rahman (The All-Merciful). For both the Silent and the Speaking Quran, he was the most evident proof. He was a hafiz of the Quran, who truly protected it and bestowed those committed to memorising it with copious blessings. He was the spring of life and the door to salvation. He inherited the virtues of past Duʿat Kiram. He was a full-moon in the sombre night, a sea of wisdom, a wellspring of generosity and a repository of eloquence. He was the cradle of acuity and a sanctuary for integrity and sincerity. Piety was his insignia, asceticism his garb and wisdom his produce. True to his angelic qualities, it was he who delivered souls from oblivion. He shed an ocean of tears in his grief for Imam Husain, the Lord of all Martyrs, which ensured the flourishing verdancy of Dawat’s domains and estates. He is the delight of the eye of the Imam of the pious, the resplendent sun of the Duʿat Mutalqeen, our beloved Maula Syedna Abu al-Qaidjohar Mohammed Burhanuddin. May Allah lengthen the life of his protectorship, guidance, directives and blessings until the Day of Qiyamat.

Although we no longer behold the sight of his physical being, for decades we have had the honour of bearing witness to his many prayers in this very masjid (Ghurrat al-Masajid). Countless times he recited the shahādat of Imam Husain in this masjid, crying and grieving, moving others to tears. How many times did he offer prayers for Mumineen, prayers that were always heard and answered? How many times did Mumineen respond to him [and his guidance and directives], with the words ‘labbaik ya dāʿī Allah, labbaik ya dāʿī Allah’, blessed are those who answered his call. Many a time he recited in this masjid the duʿāʾ of Sadaq Allah in his distinct, brilliant, charming way. O how I long for a glimpse of his striking countenance! O how I pine to hear his lofty voice! By losing him — by Allah — we have lost the sun amongst scholars and the full moon amongst the forbearant! [We have lost] the most distinguished of philosophers and the essence of the magnanimous. [We have lost] the one who gives beauty to the perceptive and who shines like a beacon amongst all those of preeminence. [We have lost] the taj of all intellectuals, the leader of all littérateurs, the order of the noble, the heart of the honourable, the foremost amongst the venerated, the exemplar of the pious, the summit of the astute, the king of all the munificent and the apex of the wise.

He is the most preeminent of all those who have passed. He is the most judicious of all those who have adjudicated. He has no equal nor rival. His generosity can neither be counted nor estimated. There are no parallels for either his familial glory or his valiant, personal enterprise and endeavours or his prosperity and good fortune. O how I anguish in his absence and agonize his loss! O how I grieve the disappearance of his comforting, physical being: the loss of a precious stone from a priceless ring. May Allah elevate his (Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s RA) rank in heaven and may He sustain us with his blessings and his warmth.