Sadaq Allah 7

Friday, 23rd Rabīʿ al-Awwal 1435H

In our midst, he (Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA) was a glowing lamp [of guidance] and a showering cloud [of generosity]. We sought the light of knowledge from him and we journeyed towards him to seek the pure water of understanding. He was our sanctuary in times of distress and our haven in periods of hardship. His beneficence was truly complete as were his benedictions all-encompassing. His good was abundant and his glories were evident. O how [our] hearts burn with agony for the loss of this beloved. How great a misfortune! How harrowing an affliction! Such immense grief! Such undying distress! Indeed, this tragedy is tremendous; this torment is intolerable. It is as if the heavens are on the verge of falling and as if the stars of the skies have all but descended and scattered!

This misfortune has set a fire of sorrow ablaze [in our hearts] and bruised [our] eyelids [due to the incessant tears it has caused]. It is a misfortune that has brought both men and angels to tears and has spread to those both near and far. A tragedy in which rivers have run dry, trees have wilted and stones have melted. By Allah, why should this tragedy not be grave, for it was caused by the loss of one whose preeminence and virtue even his adversaries do not deny? The loss of one whose praise cannot truly be achieved. His stature and station cannot be kept hidden, and his banners are always recognized and acknowledged. His roots are indeed noble, and his intellect is deep-rooted. His knowledge is complete, his manners are unblemished and his ancestry is illustrious. The deluge of his generosity is forceful, and his book [of endeavours] shines brightly with righteous deeds. His pronouncements distinguish between what is true and right, and what is false and wrong. He is one whose accomplishments can never be equalled, and whose loftiness can never be scaled.

He is the imam of scholars; the order of philosophers; the principal littérateur; the prestige of the excellent; the most magnificent of the magnificent; and the most generous of the generous. He is an ocean of benevolence and the full-moon of perfection. All his characteristics and traits are praiseworthy and he has no counterpart nor equal. He is the lord of the noble; singular amongst the distinct. He is a cavern for those seeking refuge and a sword of guidance. He is the most prominent proof of Allah and His most significant sign. He is the most preeminent of past Duʿat, the most honourable of the pious hudāt, the shelter of faith and conviction, and the delight of the eye for the Imam of the Pious. He is our beloved Maula, Syedna Abu al-Qaidjohar Mohammed Burhanuddin. May Allah grant his blessings and his magnanimity a long life till the Day of Qiyamat.

A week has passed since his departure yet the downpour of tears upon him only increases. He chose to depart for his eternal abode, the realm of Allah’s riḍwān (pleasure; happiness) on the Day of Friday, a day in which dispersed powers come together. He has descended — may Allah bless him with His riḍwān — into the sacred Wadi of Tuwa. Since he (Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA) remained immensely engrossed in the remembrance of Imam Husain, who was martyred athirst on the day of Friday, Imam al-Zaman — the descendent of the martyred Imam Husain — selected him for his companionship on this special day which is an aggregate of good. O grief for his passing! O sorrow for the loss of his preeminence and the refinement of his character! O agony for his loss! O forlornness in his absence! May Allah increase his sanctity and may He sustain us with his intercession and warmth.

Upon my life, which of his numerous virtues should I recount! Which of his many standings and stations should I describe! His knowledge or his forbearance? His intellect? His fairness? His worship or his asceticism? His acuity or his magnanimity? His etiquette or his ancestry? His discernment? Or his strategizing? [Should I speak of] his nobility, his valour, his integrity or his formidableness? His magnanimity or his elegance? His perceptiveness or his composure? His honour or his grace? [Should I praise] his piety, his trustworthiness, his astuteness, his sincerity or his eloquence? [Should I recount] his supremacy, his conduct or his awareness? His testimony or his edicts? His purity or his fidelity? His chivalry or his bravery? [Should I detail] his gentleness, his compassion, his sharpness, his melodiousness, his character, his parlance or his prose and his poetry? [Should I celebrate] his memory, his counsel, his tenacity, his determination, his glory or his expression?

By Allah, he had no equal throughout his life; specifically in his distinguished recital of Imam Husain’s shahādat, the lord of both realms. His rendering of the shahādat brought everyone to tears. Alas after alas after alas!How remarkable was his unprecedented recital of this shahādat! Aah! Aah! Aah!O the regret for the passing of such a beloved! Indeed, the remembrance of Imam Husain’s shahādat rekindles his memory and further elevates his legacy. How many times has he stated the following:

The wretched Shimr approached, bearing a blunt dagger in his hand and donning boots of iron. Upon drawing near, the wretched Shimr struck Imam Husain with his foot; Imam Husain laid down upon the ground. In his contempt, the wretched Shimr sat upon Imam Husain’s sacred chest and with his blunt blade, he hewed at Imam Husain’s blessed throat twelve times. Imam Husain declared, “O wretched! Stand up! Get up off of here! Your blunt blade will not penetrate here for this is where my grandfather, Rasul Allah SAW, would kiss me with affection. I am prostrating in sajdah before Allah.” Shimr was compelled to stand. Imam Husain prostrated, he pleaded for the salvation of Mumineen; the wretched Shimr severed Imam Husain’s blessed head from his sacred body. Ya Husain!

May Allah increase his sanctity (Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA) and bless us with his intercession and warmth.