Sadaq Allah 9

Sunday, 25th Rabīʿ al-Awwal 1435H

He (Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA) was a Dāʿī Muṭlaq (unrestricted missionary) who restricted his tongue to the praise and glorification of the Aiʾmmat Tahereen. Throughout the East and the West, he spread the banners of their loftiness and radiance. He made arrangements and preparations to ensure the ascension of Mumineen’s souls towards the Hereafter. His divine emanation was utilized in nothing but the glorious praise of his lord. When his time had arrived, he took his place in the courtyard of Nabi Mohammed’s AS pure Ahle Bayt, those of lofty stations.

His separation is a tragedy in which it is befitting for the eyes to shed a downpour of tears, for the heart to wither and wilt, for innards to fall to pieces and for the chest to burst open. Indeed, it is a tragedy which has exhausted my patience and brought my world to a standstill. The tragedy of the loss of my benefactor and what a benevolent benefactor he was. The loss of the one who conferred on me honour, and what a glorified conferrer of honour he was. [He was] my benefactor; my merciful patron. [He was] my master, nay he was my liberator.

He was our Syedna: the beauty of gatherings, the ocean of munificence. He was a glorious star of loftiness that we never imagined would ever set. His ambition was so great that he rivaled heavenly bodies, and the earth, in all its vastness, before it seemed diminutive. His eloquence was such that it mesmerized the intellect and his ocean [of generosity] cast priceless pearls.

He was our Syedna: the plume of [the crown of] the rightly guided Dawat and the guardian of all its children, whether they lived in urban metropolises or rural villages. [Syedna Burhanuddin RA] was our leader, a testament to the Dawat of Truth and an eloquent expression of its knowledge and etiquettes. He protected its territory and defended its truths. He was our Syedna, who ascended to the mantle of Dawat by virtue of Naṣṣ e Jalī (clear, public appointment) from his predecessor, who was a towering standard of preeminence. He was worthy of the leadership and undertaking of the Fatimi Dawat. He is the delight of the eye of the Imam of the Pious, a shelter for those who seek guidance, the pillar of monotheists, the pride of dedicated scholars: our beloved Maula, Syedna Abu al-Qaidjohar Mohammed Burhanuddin. May Allah lengthen the life of his virtues and glories until the day of Qiyamat.

The Surat al-Ikhlāṣ alludes to his preeminence, and indeed only through ikhlāṣ and sincerity are redemption and salvation attainable. He is the Daʿī of Allah, the Exalted, the Indivisible, the Sustainer, needed by all. Ziyārat of his blessed mausoleum entails the forgiveness of sins, the fulfilment of desires and deliverance from the most difficult of hardships. By Allah, he was a great saint! In fact, we say that, “He is not but a noble angel. (12:31)” He held a distinguished place in the zikr and remembrance of Imam Husain’s shahādat, and in his mourning and ability to convey this grief to others, he has no counterpart. Aah followed by Aah!My anguish upon the loss of a Maula who for so long uttered these most eloquent words:

Abkīka Maulaya al-Husain

I will continue to weep upon you, my Maula Husain!

Afdīka Maulaya al-Husain

My tafādī (sacrifice) for you is eternal, my Maula Husain!

Maulaya Maulaya al-Husain

My Maula! My Maula Husain!

May Allah increase his sanctity and bless us with the warmth of his love and affection.