Al-Dai al-Ajal Syedna Idris Imaduddin’s RA marthiya mubaraka:
Huznun Azaaba Jawaanihi wa Fuʾaadi

  1. Grief has melted my chest and my heart within it; it has caused my tears to rain down like a deluge inundating a valley!
  2. [This occurs] whenever I remember the descendants of Nabi Mohammed SA and their suffering at the hands of the offspring of Ziyad.
  3. They slaughtered Imam Husain SA and his children. He is the son of Ali Amirul Mumineen SA and the grandson of the rightfully-guiding, Nabi Mohammed SA, descendant of Maulana Hashim AS.
  4. In their persecution of the Imam AS, these foes did not respect the Almighty nor fear that He would hold them accountable [for their cruelty] on the Day of Judgement.
  5. In slaying Imam Husain SA, Yazid sought vengeance for the grudges and enmity he and his father harboured.
  6. They sought to avenge the deaths of idol worshippers [during their early battles against Rasul Allah SAW], by slaughtering the son of the Nabi SA, the most exalted of the distinguished.
  7. O misguided people, those who appointed a man whose mother was the chewer of livers! [In the battle of Uhud, the ungodly Hind — the wife of Abu Sufiyan and the mother of Muʿawiya — mutilated the slainblessed body of Maulana Hamza AS by attempting to ingest a piece of his liver.]
  8. Do not assume that Allah Taʿala is unaware of your deeds; Allah Taʿala bears witness to the acts of tyrants!
  9. What have the Nabi SAW and his progeny done to you that led you to slaughter the beloved grandson of Nabi Ahmed SAW!
  10. You denied Imam Husain SA and his children water when he sought it, while lowly scoundrels were free to drink?
  11. O Day of Aashura! You have evoked within me grief and sorrow which increases my pain and sleeplessness again and again!
  12. I weep Imam Husain SA, felled from his noble, exemplary steed to the ground!
  13. I weep his revered head, mounted atop the tips of spears, while being carried to [the cursed] Yazeed!
  14. The sky and earth, together, weep for him SA; as do the jinn in the low plateaus and high mountains.
  15. I weep Ali [Akbar] AS, the son of Imam Husain SA, and his slaughter by the swords of foes while parched with thirst!
  16. I weep Maulana Abbas AS, whom they prevented from retrieving water for his brother Imam Husain SA; he had brought with him a waterskin to fill with water!
  17. And [I weep] Imam Ali Zain al-Abideen SA, shackled in chains; may my soul be a sacrifice for the most pre-eminent of Allah’s worshippers!
  18. I hold steadfast to [Aimmat Tahereen SA] and I practice my faith by loving them. I treasure their love so that I may achieve success on the Day of Qiyamat!
  19. My love for them is my most precious treasure. This love is my provision and preparation for the Day of Judgement.
  20. May Allah Taʿala’s salawaat and loftiest salam be upon them, both in the morning and evening!